My Walk Through Cancer

On May 25, 2012, my life changed forever.  I heard these three words:  “You have cancer.”  I had surgery, but refused the prescribed one-year of chemotherapy treatment.  This meant I still needed a treatment plan for myself which led to my researching alternate treatments.  I visited various doctors, from top-notch oncologists to naturopaths.  I read books.  I found inspiration from others who had chosen alternative paths and were thriving.  I discovered the world of juicing and eating an 80% vegan diet.  I developed a stronger faith and feel more alive now than I did before May, 25, 2012.   To read more go to “My Story” and “What I Do

I decided to create this website to give information to others who are on their own journeys.  On my website is a “Rock-Star Foods” list; it is a list of highly beneficial foods that a person should eat.  Also, there are juice and smoothie recipes, as well as recipes of my favorite vegan dishes.

Although this website serves as a resource of suggestions for someone who has had a cancer diagnosis, please note that I am not a doctor and not in the medical field.  Also, my site is not intended to be an endorsement of anyone’s products.  This website serves as a listing of resources, suggestions, and is a blueprint of what has worked for me.